Sweeps Pros



Professional Sweepstakes Players

There is a world of difference in the sweepstakes world between the dabblers and the serious sweepstakes players. Serious players make every attempt to leverage their time and effort to extract both the maximum number of prizes and the value of the prizes awarded in any given sweepstakes.

Computer Configuation

Time is the most important factor when entering sweepstakes and contests. The sweepstakes pros will usually be entering sweepstakes for upward to 8 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week with some extending their entry work day to 12 hours and 7 days a week. Their objective is to be paid well for the time expended and to enter as many high value sweepstakes and contests per hour while staying within the boundaries of the rules mandated by the particular sweepstakes or contest. Boredom and repetition must be dealt with or the results will become problematic and unpredictable.

We have found multi-tasking to be the most effective way to counter boredom and to maximize efficiency. Our computer hardware and software includes:
  • Dell Precision 690 with quad (4) flat non-glare screens. This configuraton provides two dedicated screens for sweepstakes entries, one utilizing Firefox and the second utilizing Microsoft Internet Explorer. The two remaining screens can utilized for email and any other application desired. One mouse moves freely from application to application.
  • Norton 360 for virus and phishing protection. While the majority of sweepstakes websites are safe, some are not and contain malware and other undesirable programs ready to download to your computer. Often, while the sweepstakes is legitimate, the website may have been hacked and is dangerous.
  • RoboForm to minimize keystrokes, keeping in mind that while Robo is a useful tool, it may produce entry erros and quality control needs to be a priority before hitting the enter key to avoid disqualification or the inadvertent purchase of products and subscriptions.
The goal should be to enter a minimum of 125 sweepstakes per hour and 1,000+ per day. Over time, you'll find yourself enjoying yourself more and producing more prizes!