Entry Strategy



Have an Entry Strategy for Sweepstakes and Contests

Regardless of the time you have available for submitting entries, having a well thought out sweepstakes strategy will help you improve your odds of winning. The two broadest categories of sweepstake/contest submission are “one time only” entries and daily entries. Other variations abound such as multiple daily, weekly, monthly and the “unlimited entries” and least desirable from a entrants perspective albeit highly desirable for the sweepstake/contest promoter. Assuming a level playing field, single entry per household contests generally offer the fairest odds of winning depending of course on a multitude of factors including geographic limitations if any and duration of the contest. Single entry, short duration and limited geographic participation will likely yield the best odds.

Take a few minutes to consider the various possibilities and dedicate your time and effort to improve your odds of winning. Many people wading into the sweepstakes pool have a somewhat limited understanding of the lengths entrants will go to win a prize. Taking a few minutes to read a sampling of sweepstakes and contests rules provided by the sponsor or promoter will give one a sense of the volume of entries that will likely be submitted. The idea here is not to spend your valuable time perusing contest rules but rather to give you a sense of what occurs in the real world. Clarity of rules and limitations provided by the sponsor vary greatly from crystal clear to vague at best, contradictory et al. The key variables for submission are generally frequency, age and residence.